All Thickthorn Kittens are reared indoors with love and plenty of close contact. Before they leave they are inoculated against Feline Panleucopenia, Feline Leukemia, Feline herpesvirus and calicivirus and feline Chlamydia; wormed and if requested microchipped.

All the twelve beautiful Ocicat colours occur from time to time at Thickthorn.These seven are lilacs. (Photo courtesy of Robert Fox)

To Homer (Chocolate Silver Ocicat Classic) and Madras (Chocolate)

Chocolate Silver Ocicats, Chocolate silver Ocicat Classic, and two Chocolate Ocicat Classics born on 13th August 2011

To Homer & Domino

Thickthorn Mercury (Raffles) | Black Silver | Born 29th October 2009

To Thunder (Tawny Ocicat) and Madras (Chocolate Ocicat)

Six lovely babies on 25th November 2009

Blossom’s beautiful babies, born 3rd November 2006

These three beauties are Domino’s 2006 litter: Dill, Daphne and Dottie

Here is Lady’s litter, born 3rd January 2007. She surprised us with three beautiful Classic patterned kittens – neither she nor Thunder, the sire, have produced Classics before.

Lady’s 18 day old kittens

This is Lady’s beautiful litter of 7 chocolate kittens from 2005.

This is a litter of F2 kittens born in 2005 to Thickthorn Treacle and Foxioci’s Berry of Thickthorn.

As you can see, the litter consisted of three little mountain lions and two spotted kittens, one of which is Thickthorn Molly Molasses who we have kept to further this line.

And then, Treacle and Berry brought the whole programme to full fruition. On 21st August 2006 Treacle had 4 beautiful spotted tawny kittens, rich in colour, and with near perfect pattern and contrast. Here they are, a few hours old.

Oedi-CusCus’ two Daughters- Antigone Ismene

Cassie and her 2 week old rainbow litter, born 1st August 2006

Blue, chocolate, black silver, lilac silver, and a little lilac girl in front


This one isn’t going anywhere but here!

Chocolate, just 4 months old, winsome, loving and full of life

BEST OF VARIETY FOREIGN at the Wessex on March 3rd, 2007

(Photo – Robert Fox)